Neon Gravestones

Life goes on, you know?

I’ve lost a few friends before. Drug overdoses, mainly.

Never someone who felt like me. Not just a level of understanding, but a sense that we’re the same.

Maybe he was a chameleon too. Maybe this is why I feel we’re the same. We’d meet up as two different colors, and we’d eventually become the same color. More than “I get you.” We spent our time with different people. His lover is magenta, and he’d become magenta. Sometimes it’s what she wanted, sometimes it wasn’t. She loved him regardless. His brother was a strong indigo. He looked up to him for guidance on how to keep his colors bright and bold. When his brother went away, he did his best to carry on this indigo, and made for a nice lavender. His best friend is sea foam, and he’d complement him and be the color of wet sand. The sea wants sand on every coast around the globe. It’s hard to think of one without the other. As a chameleon, he was able to adapt or complement anyone’s colors. He adapted and related to every person, giving everyone their own puzzle piece. Though, he ended up losing all of his colors. Unsure of what to do, he realized he needed to be alone. He didn’t know his own color. He also realized he desperately didn’t want to know his own color. He’d rather disappear, forever. But after walking an exhausting walk towards the edge of the world, he wanted to try to learn how to be colorful again. And with medical assistance, he went from not having any colors to having a constant rainbow strobe. That was adjusted, and he was able to mimic colors.

He could mimic them, but he could not feel them. He looked full of color, but he was empty. Then one day, he walked into the desert and decided to mimic the Earth’s colors instead. A perfect match on the outside, he was left inside of himself. People looked for him, for years. What was he thinking about inside of himself? Did he plan it, or on that day did the universe coax him into the desert with the promise of being any color and no color, all at once? Was it blurryface all along? Leaving wasn’t an option.

He wanted to disappear into the Earth, or that’s how he made it seem. To physically fade away. He almost succeeded.

Thanks to for the header art.

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