Goal Setting

Thoughts about specific goals vs lifestyle goals.

Some of my goals 2020

  • Visit 6 different national/state parks
  • Perfect cooking 1 meal + 1 dessert
  • 18 books (double of what I did in 2019)
  • Be Debt Free
  • Save More
  • Learn & Know the Korean Alphabet
  • Publish 36 Blog Posts between this blog & One For The Shelves

Looking at this list, I realized there are 2 types of goals that are typically set:

1) Specific
2) Lifestyle

You’ll notice most of my goals are specific. I think lifestyle goals are harder to implement because they’re ongoing. They’re goals meant to change your habits. Whereas specific ones, you just have to be consistent and grind until you get there. It may take many months, but there’s a specific end goal in sight.

I was talking to a guy last night who said his goal for last year was to quit smoking. He succeeded. Breaking it down though, this goal was specific. Technically, the moment he finished his last cigarette and said he quit, he could say he accomplished his goal. So if he had started smoking again, technically he still did reach his goal. However, since he didn’t start up again, it shows he implemented a lifestyle change after that.

Most of my goals are specific, but I’m wondering if I should be setting these specific goals with an idea of what will happen after I reach them. Maybe goals in general need to be set with both in mind. It’s one thing to reach a goal, and then another to maintain it.

Do you have any thoughts about this? How do you see Specific/Lifestyle Goals fitting into your own goals?

This is where my thoughts start spiraling down to what’s next.

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