Goal Setting

Thoughts about specific goals vs lifestyle goals.

Some of my goals 2020

  • Visit 6 different national/state parks
  • Perfect cooking 1 meal + 1 dessert
  • 18 books (double of what I did in 2019)
  • Be Debt Free
  • Save More
  • Learn & Know the Korean Alphabet
  • Publish 36 Blog Posts between this blog & One For The Shelves

Looking at this list, I realized there are 2 types of goals that are typically set:

1) Specific
2) Lifestyle

You’ll notice most of my goals are specific. I think lifestyle goals are harder to implement because they’re ongoing. They’re goals meant to change your habits. Whereas specific ones, you just have to be consistent and grind until you get there. It may take many months, but there’s a specific end goal in sight.

I was talking to a guy last night who said his goal for last year was to quit smoking. He succeeded. Breaking it down though, this goal was specific. Technically, the moment he finished his last cigarette and said he quit, he could say he accomplished his goal. So if he had started smoking again, technically he still did reach his goal. However, since he didn’t start up again, it shows he implemented a lifestyle change after that.

Most of my goals are specific, but I’m wondering if I should be setting these specific goals with an idea of what will happen after I reach them. Maybe goals in general need to be set with both in mind. It’s one thing to reach a goal, and then another to maintain it.

Do you have any thoughts about this? How do you see Specific/Lifestyle Goals fitting into your own goals?

This is where my thoughts start spiraling down to what’s next.

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Neon Gravestones

Life goes on, you know?

I’ve lost a few friends before. Drug overdoses, mainly.

Never someone who felt like me. Not just a level of understanding, but a sense that we’re the same.

Maybe he was a chameleon too. Maybe this is why I feel we’re the same. We’d meet up as two different colors, and we’d eventually become the same color. More than “I get you.” We spent our time with different people. His lover is magenta, and he’d become magenta. Sometimes it’s what she wanted, sometimes it wasn’t. She loved him regardless. His brother was a strong indigo. He looked up to him for guidance on how to keep his colors bright and bold. When his brother went away, he did his best to carry on this indigo, and made for a nice lavender. His best friend is sea foam, and he’d complement him and be the color of wet sand. The sea wants sand on every coast around the globe. It’s hard to think of one without the other. As a chameleon, he was able to adapt or complement anyone’s colors. He adapted and related to every person, giving everyone their own puzzle piece. Though, he ended up losing all of his colors. Unsure of what to do, he realized he needed to be alone. He didn’t know his own color. He also realized he desperately didn’t want to know his own color. He’d rather disappear, forever. But after walking an exhausting walk towards the edge of the world, he wanted to try to learn how to be colorful again. And with medical assistance, he went from not having any colors to having a constant rainbow strobe. That was adjusted, and he was able to mimic colors.

He could mimic them, but he could not feel them. He looked full of color, but he was empty. Then one day, he walked into the desert and decided to mimic the Earth’s colors instead. A perfect match on the outside, he was left inside of himself. People looked for him, for years. What was he thinking about inside of himself? Did he plan it, or on that day did the universe coax him into the desert with the promise of being any color and no color, all at once? Was it blurryface all along? Leaving wasn’t an option.

He wanted to disappear into the Earth, or that’s how he made it seem. To physically fade away. He almost succeeded.

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The first definition on Merriam Webster of “Original” is:

original (noun)
orig·i·nal |
Definition of original (Entry 1 of 2)
1 archaic : the source or cause from which something arises
specifically : ORIGINATOR

I read somewhere recently that there’s no such thing as an original thought. The way this person explained it, I thought… wow. Your thoughts are created from all that you’ve been introduced to previously. So when you hear a radical idea, or when thoughts really hit you, maybe they are life changing. Literally. They will forever change what thoughts you will think in the future.

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Exposure and Understanding Art

A short post about introspection.

Today, there was a piece of art that everyone seemed to love. Except for me. Some vocalized their opinions on why they thought it was incredible. I was called out, “Day, what do you think of this?”. I had been trying to keep my head down. “Well… I’m having a hard time understanding it… like, where it comes from?”. The room was silent. My opinion was quickly glossed over. Others shared their thoughts and expressed the level of competency the artist must have to deliver something so unique/wonderful, and I was left wondering why my opinion was so different. There were 10 other people feeling a certain way, while seeing the same thing I was seeing, and I was feeling the opposite.

I keep getting told that (paraphrasing) art shouldn’t be looked at morally. “You, as your own person, can’t have belief in the story that is being told when you’re judging it.” This all makes sense. How can we feel what is being expressed in art, when our ego is in the way? How can we understand art when we’re criticizing it? And is it a matter of judging the art because of the artist? and should art be tied to the artist?

Understanding art is up to the interpretation of the viewer, but it’s so complex. There’s no right answer? We form opinions based on what we know, which obviously vary dramatically from those surrounding us.

I was told later that the reason I was called upon to share my opinion, is because said person saw an element of myself, Day, in that art. Leading me to realize my opinion differed because I was judging the art… or maybe, I was judging the artist. I was preventing myself from seeing the work for what it really was, because I was judging it.

And when I figured out that I was judging myself in that art, I felt very exposed.


A recap of the month.

Where did May go?


It has been over a month since I last posted. Every day for the past 2 weeks, I thought about posting. It’s been busy! (It’s can mean it is or it has.) To be honest though, I didn’t get much done. My productivity has been on a downtrend.

I completed 0 books. I haven’t been studying any of my online courses. I barely went to the gym. I haven’t been drinking as much water as I should be. I’ve let my inbox become a mess, and my to-do list is similar situation.

There have been some wins though! While I didn’t accomplish much on paper, mentally I have been exercising loads. I’m allowing myself to be emotionally available with someone I really care about. I’m consistently attending my acting class. I’m making this post. I even physically exercised more this month than I did last month.



This was just a quick update. I think I’m ready to get back into a routine.

Not every day/month will be a productive, but even a 5% improvement is an accomplishment to be celebrated

Shooketh pt. 1

Just an update on the past week and what I’m working on.

(see definition of shooketh here)

To say that I’m shaken sounds so dramatic, but to say I’m shooketh sounds humorous.


Yesterday, I returned from a 5 day long trip to New Orleans. I had a really good time. I walked around downtown, I caught a lot of Pokemon, and I explored nature. I had some random experiences like a woman coming up to me and asking if I was a writer – then telling me that I will be a writer since I’m not now, explaining that I have good energy, and that I’m a healer. I had a stranger tell me, “You’re beautiful. Smile more,” in passing. I had random experiences of people telling me what they think about me. So, why am I shooketh?

I met someone at a bar that left me shooketh.

My explanation is dramatic and discusses spiritual stuff and it just a rant where I’m in my head so if you have the mental capacity to read about it, feel free to click hereIn the rest of this post, I’ll just write about fun stuff from my trip and other stuff going on.

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A Cornerstone

It’s so easy to jump right into something or say “I’m going to start doing this!” and not actually follow through. I don’t know if I believe in introductions, but here’s my introductory post.

It’s so easy to jump right into something or say “I’m going to start doing this!” and not actually follow through.

I don’t know if I believe in introductions, but here’s my introductory post. I’ve started a new online course that is encouraging me to have a place where I can share thoughts on books, people, and things being learned. This course is my cornerstone. This course will help me rewire all of my lazy habits.

This blog will help me be accountable to myself. Welcome to my journey.