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A couple weeks ago, I was taking a course on company culture. The woman in the video said (paraphrased):

You don’t need to empower people. People walk in the door already with power. All you need to do is not take that power away.

And I keep thinking about that.

Just like I keep thinking about perception. I feel like I’m starting to sound like a broken record. I’m stuck on it. There are so many different truths. You would think when it comes to truth, that there is one truth, as there’s one right and wrong. But it’s never that simple. It’s always a spectrum. Almost always. Sort of.

Tonight, I started rewatching The OA on Netflix. In the first episode, you see OA’s parents removing her door and taking away her camera. Stripping her of her privacy. Her power. And that leads me to -> What gives someone the right to make decisions for someone else? I guess the parent-child scenario isn’t a good place to start. (In the show, OA is in her mid/late-twenties, if that matters). Isn’t making decisions for others taking their power? I’m not talking about someone in a coma getting decisions made for them. I’m not talking about a parent telling a child they can’t eat ice cream for breakfast.

I think this is a grey area. Where does the line start, and where does it end? Is it okay to make decisions for other people? What are the scenarios? After answering those questions – what is it like to be the person whose decisions are getting made for them?

And all these thoughts on decision making, bring me right back to to thoughts on ownership and possession. Vicky Cristina Barcelona. We do not own others. They are not our possessions. They’re not ours to keep… they are not ours to make decisions for?

I don’t know.

To be continued.

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