Shooketh pt. 1

Just an update on the past week and what I’m working on.

(see definition of shooketh here)

To say that I’m shaken sounds so dramatic, but to say I’m shooketh sounds humorous.


Yesterday, I returned from a 5 day long trip to New Orleans. I had a really good time. I walked around downtown, I caught a lot of Pokemon, and I explored nature. I had some random experiences like a woman coming up to me and asking if I was a writer – then telling me that I will be a writer since I’m not now, explaining that I have good energy, and that I’m a healer. I had a stranger tell me, “You’re beautiful. Smile more,” in passing. I had random experiences of people telling me what they think about me. So, why am I shooketh?

I met someone at a bar that left me shooketh.

My explanation is dramatic and discusses spiritual stuff and it just a rant where I’m in my head so if you have the mental capacity to read about it, feel free to click here.¬†In the rest of this post, I’ll just write about fun stuff from my trip and other stuff going on.

Kayaking on a swamp, as shown in the feature photo, was incredible. Nature is¬†beautiful. Pancakes are also beautiful. I ate so many pancakes on trip. I am aware pancakes are not technically a “southern” food, but those were the best damn pancakes I’ve ever eaten.

In other news, today I signed up for acting classes. I start on Sunday. I’ve always been horrible on camera and bad at public speaking – so I hope to become more confident in my actions and to damper my social anxiety. I also inquired about piano lessons… I suppose I’m looking for a creative outlet.

Lets see if I can take 3 steps forward without taking 2 steps back with these new ventures.


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